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What is Carfax

What is Carfax

Trying to sell your car? Have you followed all the basic procedures for trading it profitably? Have you got your Carfax report yet? The official analyst of used cars that provides detailed reports and gives a complete history of pre-owned cars, it is a valuable associate in your endeavor to disposing your vehicle.

Compiling massive amount of details about used cars from every possible official source like insurance companies, police records and DMVs – the Department of Motor Vehicles, a government agency at the state level that takes care of vehicle registration and driver licenses – to get the entire history of a car altogether and conveniently in one place is the job of Carfax.

What is Carfax? Carfax is an online business service that provides vehicle history reports on used cars. The carefully put together information in these reports is useful to both individuals and businesses looking to buy a used car, especially in America and Canada.

A Carfax report comprises a huge list of details like a vehicle’s maintenance and repair history, emission records, odometer readings, an account of its previous owners and the accidents the car had been involved in, if any. Also, information such as, if the used car has a lien, in other words, if it was bought on finance or used as a collateral for a loan and whether these were repaid or not, plus if the vehicle was at any point used in a fleet, that is leased or owned by businesses, government organizations, car rental companies and such, instead of individuals or families. Further, whether the particular model of car on sale was part of its manufacturer’s recall and buyback design is also presented in the Carfax used car report.

In addition to the prospective buyer wanting to test drive the used car you are selling and getting a physical inspection done by a competent mechanic, a Carfax report would put his mind to rest about doubts and concerns he might have. It is a helpful tool that quickens the process of selling your used car.