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What are Symbicort inhalers

What are Symbicort inhalers

Symbicort inhalers are generally prescribed to patients above 12 years of age and whose asthma has not yielded or responded to more conventional forms of treatment. These inhalers contain a corticosteroid budesonide to reduce the inflammation of the bronchi and long acting Beta2 adrenergic agonist Formoterol for relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchi so that they open wider, making breathing easier. These inhalers come in two different strengths 80/4.5 for asthma and 160/4.5 for COPD. These are controlled medication and unless the doctor decides that your condition is well under control and be maintained with normal long-term inhaled medication.

Beta agonists are known to exacerbate asthma conditions sometimes leading to fatalities and whether budesonide can counter this adverse reaction is unknown. To take care of such emergencies, one should always contact his health provider whenever the breathing difficulties increase when using Symbicort inhalers. He may change medicine. Get emergency medical care if breathing problems suddenly increases and the user’s rescue medicine does not offer any relief. Schedule of dosage is to be adhered to. The recommendation is to take a dose as soon as one remembers if it is not too close the scheduled one.

As one can expect any medicine to produce some adverse reactions, Symbicort inhalers also have its share of reactions. The common reactions reported are headaches, throat irritation, upper respiratory tract infections, sore throat, stomach discomfort, sinusitis, flu, back pain, nasal congestion, vomiting, and thrush in the mouth and throat. These all indicated a reduced immunity. As a matter of fact, the user is exposed to infections like chickenpox one should immediately contact his physician as these infections can be threatening to the user of Symbicort inhalers. Similarly, it does not interact with many medicines well. Hence, it is essential that they tell their physicians about all their medical conditions and the medication they are taking so that the physician is well aware of these before he decides to prescribe Symbicort. Washing mouth and throat with water reduces the formation of thrush. In case of any reaction, seek advice from one’s consultant.

Besides Symbicort inhalers, Spiriva is also another great brand of inhalers.