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5 frozen meals that are flavorful and healthy

5 frozen meals that are flavorful and healthy

A busy day can leave us with no time to prepare a meal from scratch. In such situations, we usually order fast food from a restaurant around the block. But there are other choices you can consider. For instance, a frozen meal can be a healthier alternative to takeout food usually loaded with trans fat. By using high-quality ingredients and acing flavor profiles, certain frozen meals aren’t only healthy but also quite delicious. So the next time you’re looking for a quick fix, try these fantastic dinners.

Celentano’s roasted vegetable lasagna
For a fun meal packed with vitamins and minerals, this roasted vegetable lasagna by Celentano fits the bill. It’s a savory veggie dinner of only 300 calories, which means you won’t be cheating on your diet. At the same time, this healthy frozen meal is pretty filling, too, so you won’t crave anything else! The roasted vegetables highlight the dish, lending a rich earthy flavor to the lasagna layers. Besides, with just 500 milligrams of sodium on the whole, it can be easily incorporated into a low-sodium diet.

Lemon herb chicken piccata by Smart Ones
A common concern with frozen meals that have meat in them is that they lack flavor. But unlike the others on the market, this lemon herb chicken piccata by Smart Ones has seasoning with Italian flavors, which complements the roasted chicken really well. The word “piccata” means sautéeing and serving with a tasty lemon sauce. Although this sounds fancy, the cooking instructions are easy to follow. The entire meal only has three grams of sugar and 370 milligrams of sodium. You also get 12 grams of protein, along with three grams of fiber.

Amy’s Asian noodle stir-fry
If you’re bored of the regular noodle takeout, try this flavorsome Asian dinner that comes with a lip-smacking ginger-garlic sauce. You get organic noodles, tofu, sesame seeds, and veggies to prepare a wholesome meal for the entire family. All ingredients are free of gluten, dairy, and lactose. So if you or someone in your family is vegan, this meal is an ideal pick. Each serving has five grams of dietary fiber and nine grams of protein. It is also worth noting that the vegetables are cultivated free of insecticides or anything that may harm your body. So, rest assured, this is a high-quality frozen healthy meal.

White wine chicken and couscous by Smart Made
Sometimes, we just need a meal that’s ready to heat and eat. Taking little effort to prepare, and packed with flavor, this white wine chicken and couscous dinner by Smart Made is one of the best frozen healthy meals out there, and we’ll tell you why! First, all you need is a microwave. Pop the portions in a couple of times according to the instructions, and you’re good to go. Second, couscous has selenium, which is excellent for the immune system and is a healthy substitute for white rice. The chicken, on the other hand, is a good source of protein. Lastly, unlike other packaged foods on the market, there are no preservatives in this meal. So there’s nothing stopping you from trying this one!

Lean Cuisine’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes
Two supremely delicious classic foods come together in this meal: a portion of generously seasoned beef meatloaf and a side of creamy mashed potatoes. Besides, you only need a microwave to make this healthy frozen meal. If meatloaf and potatoes are a staple at your home, but you want to skip the prep, this is an excellent alternative. And, it may be healthier than the one you usually make too. It contains only 520 milligrams of sodium and has a total of 240 calories. Plus, you get protein and fiber that’s necessary for overall well-being.