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4 essential tips to pick the right wedding invitation

4 essential tips to pick the right wedding invitation

Planning your own wedding is an otherworldly experience. People love the hustle-bustle of the wedding preparations, but there’s always a nagging feeling at the back of the mind that you must have forgotten something in the midst of this hullaballoo. In fact, even if you hire a wedding planner to ensure that things don’t get chaotic, there are certain aspects of the wedding that need your personal attention, like the wedding invitation.

The wedding invitation will reflect the tone of your wedding, and the perfect wedding invitation is what leaves a lasting impression on the guests. However, choosing the right wedding invitations is not an easy task, which is why you can follow some of the essential tips listed below.

Decide on your wedding theme: The cardinal rule of choosing wedding invitations is that they should be in accordance with your wedding theme. For instance, if you are opting for a modern wedding, your wedding invitation should have the required bling and must convey your theme to the guests so that they can come prepared. If you are opting for a classical themed wedding, it is essential that you opt for wedding invitations that look elegant and classic.

Choose the right colors: You can add your wedding colors to the wedding invitations as well. If you want to opt for different colors, you are in luck, as the wedding invitation producers offer a wide range of colors for you to choose from, and you can choose different colors for the text, paper, and the envelope according to how aesthetically appealing it appears to you. However, ensure that the colors you have chosen blend with each other and do not appear garish.

Experiment with the size and shape of the card: The conventional wedding invitations were 4.5-inch by 6.25-inch rectangular cards, but you can experiment with the size and shape of these invitations. You can opt for scalloped, circular, or square wedding invitations, as these suit the sensibilities of those who wish for something more modern.

Pay attention to the text: The text on the wedding invitations should be clear and concise and should adhere to certain formalities like spelling out everything, including the time of the ceremony. Ensure that the text is legible and isn’t crowded out by the designs on the wedding invitation. Also, double-check to ensure that you have added all the necessary details.

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