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Things you should know about microwave carts and wall ovens

Things you should know about microwave carts and wall ovens

If your microwave is taking up a lot of counter space in the kitchen, you can consider using a microwave cart. A microwave cart or stand is a multi-utility piece of furniture that has a cabin to hold the microwave in place. It also has a few extra features such as drawers and shelves for further storage. A microwave cart may come with wheels for convenient movement or can be an independent standalone piece. Since compact microwave carts fit in any section of the kitchen, they are perfect for confined spaces.

Similarly, another option to free up space in the kitchen is to get a wall oven installed. Before deciding on a gas or electric wall oven, it is essential to know that electric ovens are cheaper initially, but tend to be expensive in the long run because of the price of electricity. Most brands offer the following range of wall ovens:

Single wall oven – This is the most basic and inexpensive category of wall ovens that is characterized by only one cooking zone. It can be placed either over the counter if you do not want to bend or under it if you are facing space crunch. If your cooking requirements are not too high, a single wall oven will be suitable.

Double wall oven – As the name suggests, this wall oven contains two cooking zones that help you multitask simultaneously. One of the zones may work as a microwave oven so that you don’t have to purchase a separate appliance. A double wall oven is the most convenient and preferred category.

Triple wall oven – This oven is enabled with a wide variety of features and works well for those who are involved in professional cooking. However, it comes with a premium price tag especially if it is equipped with the convection feature.

The importance of wall ovens and microwave carts in the kitchen cannot be denied. You can find many options for microwaves cart to assist both professional and everyday cooking. Therefore, identify your cooking requirements, study the spatial distribution of the kitchen, and plan your budget before taking a decision.