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Taking a look at the wide range of Apple laptops

Taking a look at the wide range of Apple laptops

Apple has brought about a revolution in the laptop segment with its unique models. The wide range of laptops means that the users get a lot to choose from according to their needs and usage. Below we list some of the key laptops from Apple.

Apple MacBook Air
The Apple MacBook Air is a unique product from the store of Apple. The laptop comes with a 12- hour battery life. Watching your favorite movie or completing the official assignment becomes a child play with MacBook Air even if you are battling an unusual power cut. The MacBook Air is thin with 0.68- inch unibody design and weighs only 2.38 pounds. The laptops from the Apple store come with a range of powerful apps, which will make your life easy for sure. Apple MacBook Air comes with a base price of $1087.

Apple MacBook
Apple MacBook is another product in the category which comes with a RAM of 8GB. The processor speed is 1.1 GHz with Intel processor. Apple MacBook comes in silver color and weighs 921 grams. It has a Hard Drive of 256 GB which essentially means that you need not work for storing a bank of information on your laptop.

Care has been taken to provide ample connectivity considering the impending needs of today’s young generation. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work effortlessly in Apple MacBook and you can rest assured that Apple MacBook will last a day since the average battery life of the same is 10 hours. The laptop comes with a base price of $1785 which is quite justified, given its range of features.

Apple MacBook Pro
Yet another innovation from Apple is the MacBook Pro which comes with a base price of $2279. Apple MacBook Pro features a LED-Backlit display which makes it sharper and unique to the core. It also has an Intel Core i7 processor which makes usage effortless and fast. Touch Track pad makes it effortless to use and you will always have precise cursor control when using the Apple MacBook Pro.

Choose from any of the above-listed laptops and make your life faster and better.