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Pros and cons of luxury SUVs

Pros and cons of luxury SUVs

The SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle is a large size vehicle that can carry between 5 and 7 passengers. Among its stated advantages are its size, space, and stability. Here are some of the pros and cons to buying a luxury SUV:

On the plus side, when compared to the normal SUV, the luxury SUVs offer highly upgraded amenities and features including GPS navigation systems, Android Auto or Apple Carplay supported in car infotainment systems, premium surround-sound systems, and stain proof leather inside upholstery. Some of the high end luxury SUVs are even equipped with theft deterrent systems and seat warming capabilities. Needless to say, along with the increased price tag comes the pride of ownership.

Another advantage is that the luxury SUV offers a great deal of riding comfort with spacious bullet seating for the driver and a minimum of 4 co-passengers. Luxury SUVs that are fitted with a third row seating can even accommodate up 8 people. Adequate head and leg room are other value adding features.

Most luxury SUVs offer high end turbocharged engines with over 600 hp output as well as a considerably high torque. Auto transmission systems enable them to speed up very rapidly while also ensuring passenger and driver safety with adaptive cruise control, strategic positioning of airbags, crash resistant doors and windows and high stability electronic systems in place.

On the flip side, owing to their large size, parking is invariably a problem, especially in the urban areas where parking spots come at a premium. Size may also adversely affect the ease with which the car may be maneuvered.

Also, because of the provision of design, safety, entertainment and other amenities, these luxury SUVs are necessarily priced at a higher bracket, making them beyond the reach of the average car buyer. Also, the insurance premium that needs to be paid out on high end luxury SUVs is likely to be higher. Maintenance and repair costs for a luxury SUV are also bound to be much higher. On road, luxury SUVs have a high rate of depreciation. So, even though they cost several times more than a mid-range SUV, when it comes to resale, their value rapidly plummets.