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How smart is your Smart TV

How smart is your Smart TV

Smart LED TVs are seen everywhere. TVs are getting slimmer and their screen clarity has become clearer. People have started using TV screens as their laptops as TVs have become so smart that they even use Wi-Fi.

These days Smart LED TVs are equipped with apps, which give consumers the feeling similar to using a smart device; but how smart are these Smart TVs?

Originally, these were called only as TV, but with a smartphone, the term ‘Smart TV’ came into existence. Whatever connects to Wi-Fi, has apps, and streams videos and movies are called as Smart TVs these days.

How does Smart LED TV function?
Normally, a Smart LED TV uses a wired Ethernet connection. But these days, Smart TVs have inbuilt Wi-Fi, which gives easy internet access. Online movie streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime have given a boost to the sales of Smart LED TVs. Unlike smartphones, there is no standard interface for Smart TVs. Different makers and companies use different interfaces and operating systems while manufacturing these models.

The functioning of Smart TV depends on the strength of your home Internet signals. These TVs also need adequate memory to process live streaming and buffering. As a result, sometimes, the TVs crash or hang just like a laptop or a notebook.

Smart TV has improved sound quality and picture resolution, giving a wholesome viewing experience. Popular Smart TV brands such as Samsung, Sony, and LG have taken sound and picture quality to a whole new level.

Online movie streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have been successful, and this shows that Smart LED TVs are indeed the most preferred TVs in all households. Smart TVs have replaced laptops and notebooks. Now, people watch YouTube on TVs instead of computers.

Technology has led to a full cycle. Normal phones have replaced smartphones, and smartphones have given rise to Smart LED TVs. So, why use your smartphone as a streaming device, when you may experience the same with amazing sound effects and superior picture quality on your Smart TV.