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Find the right used Honda Civic model for your needs! 

Find the right used Honda Civic model for your needs! 

While the Honda Civic series has been popular in the market for its durability and fuel efficiency, picking out a used Honda Civic out of the scores of choices available will be difficult if, as a buyer, you do not know what kind of model you looking for. The Honda Civic series’ trims differ in terms of body style, performance, and fuel economy since each trim was made for specific tenacities. The three things to know before picking out the ideal used car would be:

Body Style: Honda offers the options of a four-door, two-door, and hatchback in the Civic series. If you are buying with the purpose of accommodating a family or larger groups of people then picking the four-door option would be perfect to sit children or adults comfortably with enough leg room. The two-door options are best suited for a buyer looking for a sporty look and for those who will be traveling in groups only occasionally because the backs seats have lesser leg room and the front of the car has ample space. The hatchback series is available with five- or three-door options depending on the amount of cargo space the buyer needs for their essentials.

Transmission: Every Honda Civic trim is available in either a manual or an automatic transmission depending on the customer’s preference. While most driver’s pick automatic transmission due to its ease of use for urban driving and better fuel efficiency, the old school drivers, and those who enjoy adventures, tend to pick manual transmission for its sportiness and powerful acceleration. Honda offers five or six-speed manual transmission with a stick shift and clutch foot pedal on their Civic models, and these models cost lesser than the automatic transmission models. There are also semi-automatic transmission models where the driver can pick either manual or automatic transmission based on the terrain; these models do not have a clutch pedal in order to step gears more easily.

As for fuel economy, Honda offers the choice of petrol or diesel on all its Civic trims with eco-friendly options. These models are fuel efficient over the life of the vehicle when well-maintained.