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Find out which iPhone is the best for you

Find out which iPhone is the best for you

Two factors that determine which is the best iPhone for you is the size of your wallet and size of your hand. Yes, it’s that simple. See for yourself. Here is a list of iPhones that often figure in top 10 best smartphones list.

  • iPhone 7 Plus: Its hands down one of the best smartphones Apple has ever created. With its 1080p display, waterproof design, and an incredible dual-lens camera with two 12MP lenses, this item is quite a buy. However, only those with big hands and heavy wallets may consider this one as the price is quite intimidating and the display is 5.5 inches. This one effortlessly makes it into the list of 10 best smartphones.
  • iPhone 7: Apple’s first waterproof iPhone misses the 3.5 mm headphone jack. You may take some amazing photographs with the 12MP sensor, though you will have to do without the dual-lens camera of the iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 is not very different from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S but is definitely among the best smartphones of 2017. You may opt for it if you need an upgrade.
  • iPhone SE: The iPhone SE is three things—affordable, compact, and powerful. It’s the first 4-inch iPhone since the iPhone 5S. The iPhone SE houses the phenomenal Apple A9 processor and the rear camera of the iPhone 6S. The screen is unremarkable; however, it still fairs well among some of the best smartphones in the mid-range category. Apple fans with a light pocket, this is the one for you.
  • iPhone 5S: A more affordable option comes your way with the iPhone 5S. Apple’s compact 4-inch phone has the same size and screen resolution as the iPhone 5 and the premium two-toned metal and glass design stays the same, too. With a newer processor built in, it’s a wee bit more powerful though. It’s difficult to find a cheaper iPhone than this one.
  • iPhone 6 Plus: This is Apple’s first phablet. With a stunning design, improved battery life that makes other iPhone owners wistful and a 5.5-inch display, the iPhone 6 Plus is ideal for multimedia consumption. Watch movies, browse the Web, and just while away your time on this iPhone.

From the simple and affordable iPhone 5S to the cutting-edge iPhone 7 Plus, this list has some of the best smartphones that suit a variety of requirements, budgets, and palm sizes.