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Custom stickers – Types and top services

Custom stickers – Types and top services

With more and more brands and products entering the market, the competition to attract customers is only increasing. It is not only the quality of the product that matters, but also the perception of the brand and product image. To stand out amid your competitors, you can consider creating and using personalized stickers. If you’re wondering what kind of sticker is right for your business and who can help you design them, you’re in the right place. Here is some detailed information on various types of stickers and top custom sticker creation services.

Types of stickers

  • Die-cut stickers
    These stickers are printed and then laser cut or die-pressed to fit the exact shape of your design. If you think the shape and color of your personalized sticker are eye-catching, a die-cut sticker might be a great choice. One noteworthy benefit of these stickers is that they can be made with white, clear, or full-bleed borders, allowing you to get creative with your overall design.
  • Kiss-cut stickers
    Kiss-cut stickers are much like their die-cut counterparts, except they have a square or round backing around the design that’s bigger than the sticker. These stickers easily peel away and are ideal for delicate designs as the larger backing helps ensure that your design doesn’t bend, fold, or tear.
  • Sheet stickers
    Want to get multiple stickers printed on one sheet for convenience? Try sheet stickers. It’s a great way to include stickers of different designs with irregular shapes and borders on a single sheet. Or, you can simply get your stickers printed in circle, oval, or rounded corner shapes. These stickers are usually printed on kiss-cut sheets so they can be easily peeled off when required.
  • Roll stickers
    These are stickers made on a continuous liner and wound around a cardboard spool. You can get personalized roll stickers in any size and shape, including circles, squares, rectangles, or ovals. These are an amazing choice when you want to print stickers in bulk. Plus, they’re versatile. You can use them for everything from shipping labels to product labels to package and envelope sealers, and more.
  • Bottle labels
    Whether it’s for wine, beer, juice, olive oil, or any other beverage or food, a captivating bottle label is necessary to promote your product and business. You can even get them printed on elegant-looking materials that are temperature- and moisture-resistant.
  • Static clings
    The back of static clings is charged with static electricity. So, they can hold firmly to glass, plastic, or any other smooth, non-porous surface without requiring an adhesive. They are typically made from white or clear vinyl and are popularly used on the interior of a window or glass surface. One of the advantages of static cling stickers is that they can be repositioned or removed without leaving any residue on the surface.

The best services for creating personalized stickers
Now that you’ve understood some common types of stickers, let’s take a look at services that can help you easily create custom stickers. Here, we’ve rounded up the top sticker creation companies out there.

  • Sticker Mule
    Sticker Mule is one of the most popular services for personalized stickers. Placing an order with them is easy and quick, and they offer free shipping worldwide. All you have to do is select the size and quantity and upload your artwork. You can choose from a wide variety of sticker options, such as die-cut, circle, bumper, kiss-cut, clear, static clings, and sticker sheets.
  • Custom Sticker Makers
    Custom Sticker Makers have been in the business for over a decade now. Their diverse team includes artists and marketers, who can help you materialize personalized stickers that are perfect for your business. With turnaround options of three, six, and nine days, it’s a service you must consider if you need the stickers urgently.
  • StickerYou
    Don’t have your final design ready? Try StickerYou. You can choose from their library of thousands of images and use their Sticker Editor tool to create something you like. Once your sticker is ready, you can print them in any size, shape, color, design, material, and message. They print stickers in only high-quality vinyl material that’s suitable to use in any weather.
  • UPrinting
    UPrinting takes up thousands of on-demand printing orders online in a day, so they are a reliable place to get your personalized stickers printed. They are also known to serve a wide variety of small businesses. With UPrinting, you can directly upload your designs or create one using their design tool. They offer die-cut, roll, sheet, and kiss-cut stickers that can be printed in any custom or standard shapes like square, circle, hexagon, or heart.
  • Avery
    Avery is another top-rated personalized sticker creation company. They can help you create stickers on matte white or glossy white vinyl film. You can either upload your design or create one using the easy-to-design tool. To begin with, you are required to choose the format (sheet, roll, or cut stickers), size, material, and shape, which can be an irregular shape, or a rectangle, round, square, or oval.