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5 healthy and easy dips for weight watchers

5 healthy and easy dips for weight watchers

Easy dip recipes are the ones filled with nutritious and fresh ingredients. Dips are quite healthy and can effectively be used as toppings on rice cakes or sandwich spreads. While these might not immediately spring up to the minds of people looking for healthy snack options, it would not be wise to quickly dismiss them as healthy dishes. Once you have an idea of some beetroot, bean, and avocado recipes, you will never ever consume those store-bought dips.

Of course, the easy dip recipes that come as a combo of sour cream, cheese, and other ingredients are high in their calorie content and they might not be perfect for individuals with a healthy eating plan. Nevertheless, the right dippers and the perfect blend of ingredients can make a dip low-fat, energy-boosting and absolutely fantastic.

Some healthy and easy dip recipes for health-conscious individuals are as follows:

Edamame Dip
This is probably one of the healthiest snacks that weight watchers can easily indulge in. This specially prepared dip helps an individual in eating a lot of vegetables, something that people hate doing. This dip is made of edamame or green soybean mixture along with some cilantro, onion, rice vinegar, olive oil, salt, and water. Cannellini beans and chili garlic sauce are the other ingredients required for this recipe.

Beetroot Dip
Rich in antioxidants and available in a beautiful color, beetroot dip is one of the healthiest appetizers for weight watchers. This is probably one of the best easy dip recipes made with a perfect combination of baby beets, natural yogurt, English mustard, and lemon juice. This dip works wonders for health-conscious individuals when served with raw cucumber or carrot slices.

Tzatziki dip
Cool and creamy, Tzatziki dip is the ideal summer appetizer for health-conscious individuals. This dip is made using the fine combination of natural yogurt and raw cucumber along with some crushed garlic and lemon juice. It serves as the perfect condiment, rich in flavors. It is tangy, lemony, and salty. It can even be made using sour cream or Greek yogurt.

Sweet potato dip
Tangy and sweet with the added nutrients derived from protein-rich lentils, this is one of the healthiest dips for weight watchers. The other ingredients used in this recipe include red onion, crushed garlic, peanut butter or tahini and lemon juice.

Most of us are of the view that healthy and easy dip recipes mean that we will have to go through the trouble of giving up foods that we like to eat. However, this is just a misconception. These dip recipes are not only healthy but tasty too.